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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 13, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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microclimate weather alert as wednesday, february 13th, and this morning, we are issuing a microclimate weather alert. a storm is slamming the bay area right now. here is a live look at san francisco right now, the bay bridge, we've already reported a couple accidents there. high winds. now, take a look. new video in to our newsroom, the rain pounding northern santa rosa right now. as i mentioned, the wind a big issue up there. right now, our radar is really lit up. take a look at that. that's what's hitting the bay area and facing the northemorni commute and going to be around for some time this morning. good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we started early at 4:00 a.m. and our coverage continues to get you ready and out the door. we head over to meteorologist kari hall tracking that storm for us. >> we're going to see some heavier rain coming in waves today, and in between some lighter showers, as we get a look at storm ranger right now, seeing the rain really pounding
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santa rosa, and then you head down to san francisco, where you do see some more brighter colors here on the radar, and as we get a closer look at parts of northern sonoma county, going down 101 at times some really heavy rain that will make some standing water on the roadways, so just watch out for those puddles, as we are also having to turn up the windshield wipers and here is a look at storm ranger, kind of looks like a windshield wiper on the screen here, showing some heavy rain moving through hayward, and now also moving through livermore, where in just a little while ago it was all dry. fremont also picking up on some heavier rain moving into north san jose. south san jose the rain is lighter and picks up as you head down around morgan hill. once again, it's going to be coming in waves off and on and if you're able to get out during one of those breaks, it may make it easier to get destination, but there still will be some rain off and on throughout the morning and actually getting more intense through about 6:00. so if you are out there early,
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you are getting ahead of some of the heavier rain that will be moving through in time for main morning commute. by 7:30 to 8:00, we're still seeing some widespread rain, but it will start to get a little bit lighter and become more scattered today, as we see it still pockets of some heavy rain moving through, even by early afternoon. this is really going to make us add up some high rainfall totals in parts of the bay area, so i'll have more on that in just a few minutes, and mike, you're tracking one crash. >> that's right, and one just cleared, but that was on the bay bridge. we'll show you the span, quick recovery, look at the taillights moving nicely over toward san francisco, which we can now see. we couldn't see that a half hour ago, fromwe see traffic recover still bunching up as you approach treasure island, the westbound drive has two vehicles being cleared off of the roadway, two big trucks there that should be cleared any time soon. a slower drive because of the wind advisory and the conditions are tough over at the bay bridge toll plaza itself. that's the first crash that's
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cleared. the second one, that's still over there at the caldecott tunnel with the approach, westbound 24 in the last couple of minutese've seen these light up, even though chp said they're running another traffic break from st. stevens toward fish ranch road. i'll keep monitoring that but i think the next few minutes should mean everything clears up coming through contra costa county. the green sensors blend in with the green background. wet roads all around the bay and then that radar really active especially over in san francisco side. back to you. >> all right, very busy out there. thanks, mike. new video to show you this morning, the storm triggered a rock slide in santa rosa. look at all that came tumbling down, this is new video from the scene. rocks are still up to the fog line of mark west springs road but managed to clear a lot of it off the roadway to clear things up there. down to the east bay this morning, this is a live look from our walnut creek traffic camera. we've been watching a very wet commute so far. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in walnut creek this morning. how are the roads looking out there?
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is it windy as well? >> reporter: not laura but are not seeing the heavy downpours that are taking place in the north bay. we expect that to happen during the morning commute. so far we're seeing this, on and off heavy drizzle. you're looking at the intersection of north california and ignacio valley boulevard in walnut creek, and this is some video we shot about an hour or so ago as we were headed up to walnut creek from dublin. this is northbound 680, going through san ramon. you had some on and off rain. the takeaway from this is that the roads are wet. you want to watch your speeds. you do want to watch the distance between you and the driver before you, and you also want to pray that you have other drivers like the ones you are bea to hear from on the roads with you. >> i just try and leave early enough so that i don't have to rush. >> reporter: and the other drivers? >> hopefully that they pay attention to what's going on. >> be careful, because the other people, the other people got to be careful, too.
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driving safe is the most important thing to everybody, yes. that's what i recommend to everybody in this kind of weather to drive protecting the others. rorter: and the califor highway propa patrol highway patrol reminds us the posted speed limit is the fastest you're allowed to go as conditions permit. even though it says 65 miles an hour, if there's a downpour or the roads are slick and oily, maybe you want to lower your speed to 60, 55, your judgment of course. just want to be careful out there. reporting live in walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we want everyone to stay safe. bob, thank you. 4:35 right now. in the south bay, we're tracking those flood levels at coyote creek, which you may remember suffered a catastrophic flood back in 2017. the rock springs neighborhood was under feet of water for weeks. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joining us live this morning from san jose, and kris, how are the levels looking now? >> reporter: well, hi there, marcus. we can hear the water levels here at coyote creek which is
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actually a river behind us in san jose. we know that it is not near flood stage right now, but that that could change. already the waters areswifter, caught up in the creek, and in the river waters. san jose fire department rescued him. homeless advocates did go down into the creek bed where folks camped to warn them the waters could be rising quickly. this is one reason why. alan and i got this video yesterday afternoon around 11:00, water roaring out of anderson reservoir, the spillway there. valley water is trying to make room for incoming rain, and anderson feeds coyote creek. now a look at where the readings are right now, that blue line on your screen is the actual river level as of 2:30 this morning. it is at five feet or so. anything above ten feet so in that orange or red area is flood stage. when coyote creek flooded in 2017, it was really a perfect storm. it was a combination of heavy
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rain, water releases from anderson as we are seeing right now, but also a levy breach. the estimates are that, with this given rain and with those releases, we could see the creek levels rising one to two feet, so clearly we'll keep an eye on that. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay" >> kris, thank you. it's not just the bay area, that storm is slamming the sierra. here is a live look now. you can see the fresh blanketing snow there on the roadway. you saw a car go by a moment ago. now, the placer county sheriff's department sharing this video, high winds over the donner summit, a lot of people there are planning to head to tahoe forupcoming presidents day weekend but look what you'll deal with. they need to be preparedhe dangerous driving conditions, as you can see, not easy out there. >> very blustery. kari is tracking the storm on all of our social media platforms as well, tweeting when the heaviest rains are expected to start. follow her @karihallweather.
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coming up next on "today in the bay," a potential mega merger. the pitch top economic i haves at sprint and t-mobile are making today on capitol hill. plus, when is apple reportedly planning to launch its new subscription service, and how much it's going to cost you. and you can take our radar in the palm of your hands. just download our nbc bay area app, and you can see where that rain is going to hit, as we take a live look at this radar right now. a lot more ahead. 4:38. reynold's kitchens™ has eliminated plastic wrap
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good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street aset for a higher open this morning. stocks rallied yesterday, the dow rising 372 points breaking a four-day losing streak. investors are hopeful a second government shutdown will be avoided this weekend and also more optimistic the u.s. and china can reach a trade deal after president trump said he may let a march 1st deadline to raise tariffs on chinese imports "slide." top executives from sprint and t-mobile will be tnir case potential $26 billion merger. they argue the deal will not hurt competition or jack up prices for wireless service. regulators blocked a similar merger back in 2011, when at&t tried to buy t-mobile. two-year ay the aggressive contracts will go away if it no longer competes against sprint. apple is reportedly planning
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an event march 25th to launch a new subscription service to offer premium magazine and news articles in a bundle. reports say it will cost about ten bucks a month. the new service along with apple music and the company's upcoming streaming tv service is part of apple's focus on selling subscription-based products, following a slump in iphone sales. that's led the company to explore some new sources of revenue. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> just something else we have to learn how to work. >> that's why you have kids. >> thanks, frank. 4:42. coming up next on "today in the bay" our storm team coverage continues. "today in the bay's" vianey arana will joan in with us a li report on the reservoir levels. the radar behind you, kari, is so lit up. >> we have a lot of rain coming down and a lot more where that came from that will be targeting the north bay. as we get out there right now, roads are wet, a live look at 880 in fremont and once again, heavy rain, but temperatures warmer today.
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we'll talk about all of that and what that means for the next 24 hours, coming up next. and we're looking here at the dublin camera, well lit by all the activity there, but you all see the glow. a lot of rain falling all over the bay as kari's been showing you. we already have a couple of crashes clear from the caldecott and the bay bridge but it doesn't mean things are any easier out there. and the raiders still looking for a place to play their next season. talks under way right now two out of state cities. weather ale.
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ad lib live picture from san anselmon anselmo we're tracking the storm hitting the bay cair. these are live pictures from san anselmo this rning, an area prone to flooding. pete suratos is monitoring what's going on. we'll join him with a live report. look at the radar in the upper right corner right there, that's what's hitting the bay area right now. a big, big storm. we've been bracing for it, makes for a tough morning commute as well. >> how long is it going to stick around? >> off and on all day and tomorrow morning it's raining at times, in parts of the bay area. we know how it goes with the storms. it won't be raining the entire time but when it's hitting, it's really coming down so what we're seeing right now in the north bay, storm ranger tracking really heavy rain moving through parts of northern sonoma county and vallejo county around vallejo in solano county we are seeing heavy rain and moving down toward the east bay and that's where we are seeing a lot of people getting ready to head
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up and get out the door on the roads. oakland down to hayward, and also san leandro seeing some really heavy rain at this point. so as we get a look at this storm, as a whole, there is a lot more that will be rolling through, as we are not going to be out of this just yet. in fact, a lot of this rain may be picking up in intensity, as we go into the morning commute, but then starting to ease off as we go throughout the day. this is going to produce some very heavy rain, and for more on that, let's head out to our vianey arana, live in morgan hill, with an update on some of our expected rainfall totals. >> reporter: and kari, the envir drive up here, we definitery have the rain coming down, coming down steady, not as hard but we are expecting this to pick up. i want to take you through some of the futurecast rain totals. widespread rain through tonight and tomorrow, if you could pop up some rain totals, rain estimates in this area in morgan hill, put it atrain totals expe
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tomorrow night, tomorrow evening at about 7:00. meanwhile, areaser three inches anselmo nearly four inches as well. san francisco just over an inch and a quarter and in areas like san jose, which typically falls in that rain receiving less rain totals impressive at over an inch and a quarter. we're not in the clear just yet, why we're keeping a close eye on all of the advisories and the warnings that come around, so coming up at the 45 hour at 5:45, i'm going to have a look at where the uvas reservoir stands and a look at the uvas creek and where we're at in terms of it being possibly a threat and i know there's a lot of camps nearby as well as trails, an rv camp nearby i'll talk about that in more detail coming up in a bit. kari, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, vianey. we'll watch and see if the rain picks up there. it's light, coming in waves and
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going into the late morning hours early afternoon with some of the scattered showers that will be giving us a break in some spots. you can still see there may be some intensive rain into the evening commute especially for the north bay where we are going to get the highest rainfall totals as a result of some of this rain moving over some of the same areas over and over again. as we go through the time line, here we are tomorrow at noon, and we're still getting some pockets of some heavy rain, and then we start to see some colder air moving in by tomorrow afternoon into the evening and that's going to cause some of the snow levels to drop. in some of our highest peaks in the north bay, we could start to see rain changing over to snow but the rest of the bay area at this point looks to continue on with mostly some rain. our flood stages and our rivers will have to be closely monitored especially the russian river in guernevilleha may be peaking on friday morning at 7:00, just above that flood stage. also watching the napa are ifr
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river in downtown napa, close to flood stage or monitor stage if we getted expected rainfall thursday night. gusty winds and cooler temperatures going toward the end of the week. friday a cold front is dropping inroour temperatures. saturday morning is our break but we wake up to cold temperatures in the mid-30s. highs only reaching 53. another chance of showers on sunday, but we do start out next week with some drier weather, and san francisco once again warm today, and windy, but then cooling down as that rain continues the next couple of days. mike, you're tracking the slick roadways. >>ert that, the warning for folks even though hooer in palo alto the roadways are pretty clear. it's 4:50, so we have a light traffic flow and you see the water, the rain falling on the lens. slick conditions. you can go quickly higher speeds because the roadways are clear. i would not advise that because of those conditions. look at the water kicking up behind these folks. as we look around the bay, the green shows you where it's wet and the blue shows you puddling
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and ponding from the coast as the rain and radar activity kari shows you. this blends in with the green sensors. for the most part the traffic flow issing look great. the red stretch issue from the mudslide a couple weeks ago and we have traffic control through the area. avoid that over there just north of lajana. radar activity, yellow shows you a lot more rain activity falling right now, as we zoom up, we show the bay bridge, things recovered after the earlier crash. as the rain comes across the bay bridge we get a report eastbound getting away from san francisco that lower deck, someone reported hydroplaning, a scary situation on the span itself. things are okay but the calm drive slowing 580 we aun crash approaching highway 24. we'll check on it. guys, back to you. >> thank you. when it comes to the ongoing saga about where the raiders will play next season, there's a twist you may have missed. how about northern arizona and birmingham, alabama?
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"arizona daily star" reports tucson and birmingham want to split the raider's home schedule. right now it's a proposal. the coliseum authority is conducting a delicate dance with the raiders and held a new round of talks recently. team owner mark davis insists he's not thrilled about playing in a city that's suing him. the whole show moves to vegas in 2020. 4:52 for you right now. the world's largest ride share company is taking action to try and shut down black market accounts for drivers that are being sold in internet chat rooms. >> it comes after an investigation uncovered the potentially dangerous scheme to bypass driver security systems in place at both lyft and now also uber. here is investigative reporter liz wagner to explain. >> uber is working with law enforcement to crack down on a ride share rental scheme we exposed. here is the deal. ride share drivers are creating accounts with stolen information
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and renting them out to anyone willing to pay. here is a look at the two uber accounts recently rented out to us, no questions asked. we never used the accounts, we never drove on them but we were able to see the app histories. the seller created this account from scratch, using the personal information of a guy named benjamin. four different cars signed on to this account, which logged hundreds of trips across the bay area, in just a few weeks. uber tracked down the seller, linked him to even more profiles, and deactivated one of them. a company spokesperson says law enforcement is now investigating potential fraud. uber says its security tool should keep anyone who rents an account from actually driving, but it's looking into just how many people got taken for a ride. lyft told us last year it has a special team to investigate fraud. this scheme that puts unvetted drivers behind the wheel can be virtually impossible for passengers to detect, but there is a way for law enforcement to check ride share apps and find
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fake drivers. to see how, head to our website, >> thanks, liz. coming up here on "today in the bay" -- >> he puts down a four-figure deposit and figures he should get a refund, but that just didn't happen. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next. first, happening now at 4:54, u.s. and china holding high-level trade talks. treasury secretary steve mnuchin is in beijing today. the united states is scheduled to raise import taxes on $200 billion worth of chinese goods march 2nd if the two sides cannot resolve their differences. our hillshire farm craftsmen
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experience with
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4:57. nbc bay area responds to a san jose man who had a stormy experience with a solar company. >> consumer investigator chris chmura's team got involved for him. >> good morning. will tobada told us he was looking at one of the new-age solar systems where the panels are neatly ing grated into your roof shingles. he put down a $1,000 deposit. he later changed his mind, and he asked for a refund. state law is pretty strict about how much money contractors get up front. it is 10% of the cast of the job or $1,000, whichever is less. yet the law refundable. on the surface, it looks like will is out of luck. however, this particular solar company's website gave us hope. in the frequently asked questions section, it said, "will my deposit be refundable? answer, yes, all, deposits are eligible for a refund." will says he was told exactly
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that but for weeks the company didn't respond to his request, so our team called the contractor and within five days it agreed to give will his $1,000 back. it said a family emergency caused the delay. you have a complaint about a contractor? let us know, 888-996-tips or online at we're tracking the latest storm to hit the bay area, live reports coming up in just moments. it's 4:58 right now. reynold's kitchens™ has eliminated plastic wrap
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rock slides - this is new video from no right now at 5:00, the bay area waking up to downpours, strong winds and rock slides, video from north santa rosa, huge rocks following next to mark west springs road. >> the radar, the rain continues to fall throughout the bay area. we are issuing a microclimate weather alert as that storm system moves right over our region. good morning to you. 5:00 for us and thanks so much for joining us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we are continuing our coverage now. we've been on air for about an hour, we started at 4:00 a.m. to help you get ready. we want to show you this new video in to our newsroom right now, this is wind


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